Space Music of Hang Massive Music Band

Live performance and interview to Mikhail Kozyrev
17 октября 2015 Михаил Козырев
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Swedish-British duet Hang Massive visits Mikhail Kozyrev. Marcus Johansson and Danny Kudd perform together for already 6 years. Millions of views on YouTube speak for themselves. Also new Hang Massive release is expected to come out soon. The Band plays the hangs. This instrument appeared in 21st century but it's sound reminds of older times. The legend tells that hang existed several thousand years ago but then it's secret was lost. Only in 2000 hang was reinvented.

The musicians played some songs that will be performed on their concert. They also talked to Mikhail Kozyrev about their unique music. More information about the concert please find on official site.

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