#askPussyRiot. How To Watch TVRain Live – Step By Step Instruction

27 декабря 2013
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TV Rain is hosting Pussy Riot’s first press conference with Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina following their release from prison. The broadcast will start live at 2 p.m. Moscow time (10 a.m. GMT). You can submit questions on twitter with a hashtag #askPussyRiot. The press conference will be held in Russian, however we will provide translation of major Pussy Riot’s quotes.

Follow this link http://tvrain.ru/live/ to watch Pussy Riot’s press conference live. Access to live stream for 24 hours costs 1 dollar (USD) or 50p (GBP)

How to pay:

Step 1 – open this page http://tvrain.ru/live/ and press the pink button on the right saying ‘30 руб’ (30 rubles). It will give you access to live stream for 24 hours. You can opt for the white button as well and gain the ultimate one-year access to tvrain.ru for 30 dollars (USD) or 18 pounds (GBP)

Step 2 – You must register or log in, we suggest you either use your Twitter or Facebook account

Step 3 - Once you’ve logged in the first thing you see is the terms of agreement (available only in Russian). You need to check the
«Я ознакомился и принимаю соглашение» (‘I agree’) button on the left bottom of it. Then press the pink «Продолжить» (‘Continue’) button on the right

Step 4 – Now you see the pay form. Even though we offer various payment options, if you live outside Russia we suggest you use the credit card option (first tab on top, Visa and MasterCard only). You must fill here four text boxes:

  • Номер карты (16 цифр) – Card Number (16 digits)
  • Имя владельца (как на карте) – Cardholder Name
  • Действительна до – Valid Thru

Step 4 - Press the pink «Оплатить» (‘Pay’) button at the right bottom of the pop-up window to pay

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